Vietnam's Traditional National Garment

Want to purchase a gift that isn’t the typical conical hat from Vietnam? Vietnam’s traditional dresses are the answer to your conundrum.

The Iconic Dresses Of Vietnam

Also sometimes worn by males in the country, the traditional Vietnamese dress Áo Dài is considered the national garment of Vietnam and is a gift best suited for those who are close or intimate with you. For a wife, partner, or daughter perhaps.

A typical Áo Dài dress features a tight-fitting long garment with long sleeves, a stand collar, and side seams that slit up to the waist. In addition, the dress is also worn over long pants. Long considered to have royalty as its roots, each Áo Dài outfit comes in two primary colours — one colour for the long dress and another, oftentimes contrasting colour for the pants portion of the attire.

If you know the giftee’s measurements, it’s definitely recommended to buy a piece of Vietnamese silk fabric (an excellent souvenir on its own) and getting it tailored to create the perfect Áo Dài for your loved ones.

Otherwise, buying the ready-made version of the dress is also perfectly acceptable as a souvenir.

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